KSL 400


- output signal in DIN-norm 19234 (NAMUR), open collector, open emitor
- possibility to place in any area till ZONE 1
- protection category II 2G EEx d IIC T6
- reversing of polarity resistant
- status indicator (LED)
- possibility to change the direction of switching
- thread M30 x 1,5 installation
- tested and approved according to EN 50 014 and 50 018 European norm in State Institute for Certification. (FTZU - SZ210) certificate No.. 98 Ex 0991X



Supply voltage

8,0 VDC (mod."I"); 12, 15, 24 VDC (mod."C" a "E")

Maximum supply voltage 10,5 VDC (mod."I"); 33 VDC (mod."C" a "E")
Maximum supply current 3,2 mA (8 VDC)
Minimum supply current 0,2 mA (8 VDC)
Maximum output current   2 A (mod."C" a "E"), (100VDC), (do protection by fuse. 2A)
Working area  ZONE 1 with firm fixed cable !!!
Working temperature range  -25C to 85C
Case protection  IP 66
Sensor 's part pressure resistance ( 3 min. Test) 35 MPa
Standard length of connecting cable  2 m (CMFM 3D x 0,5, consult different length)
Maximum length of connection 500 m
Dimensions 47mm x 100mm
Material of case 17246.4
Placing of sensor into lid or side of reservoir



mod.: "I" - current loop "NAMUR"
mod.: "C" - open collector (V-MOS N)
mod.: "E" - open emitor (V-MOS P)
mod.: "A" - output high current,switch on (dived electrode)
mod.: "B" - output low current,switch off (dived electrode)
mod.: "S" - isolated electrode (teflon coating 0,2 mm)
         "E" - length of electrode in mm

Valid for  KSL-401... E..
              KSL-402... E..
              KSL-403... E..
              KSL-404... E..
              KSL-405... E..

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