Convertor RS232/485 - CON485

        Converter is avail to converse the most common interface RS232 which can be used to short distance to interface RS485.This interface RS485 is advantageous because of its noise immunity and can be apply to much longer distance (from hundreds to thousands meters) by high data transmission rate(to tens Mbit/sec).
    Converter is enclosed in DIN rail mounting box with comb I - screw terminals suitable for industrial usage. Power supply 24 V. Converter has built-in protective circuits in Rs485 side. So it can stand pulse overvoltage that possibly occur. If there is a larger amount of converters on the same line and highest transmission speed is used then it is better to use some of them without protective circuits (to lower capacitance on the RS485 line - please consult by us). For using on long lines influenced by atmosphere electricity it is necessary to add another protection outside of the converter ( fast lightning arrester etc.).



Supply voltage

24 V DC (8 - 28 V)

Supply current max. 35 mA by 24 V DC
Input and output signals according to standards RS232 and RS485.
Minimum loading impedance for RS485 100 ohms (in both sides of the line)
Jumpers inside the box can set direction of transmission control a) AUTO setting automatically change the direction according to signal TxD, enable to connect this transmitter to systems that do not have possibility to control the direction of transmission by the signal RTS
b) RTS setting control by the signal RTS, possible to set an active level of signal RTS which can then control direction of transmission
Guaranteed speed of transmission 115 kBd
Dimensions 85(height) x 72(depth) x 22,5(width) mm
Industrial case protection IP40, terminals IP20
Working temperature range 0C to +50C
Storage temperature range -20C to +70C
Converters are resistant to reversing polarity of power supply.

Built-in pulse-overvoltage protection in RS485 side.

Direction of transmission control

Direction control Connect JP1 Connect JP1 Mode Log. level RTS Direction of transmission
According RTS 1 - 2 1 - 2 1 "0" RS485 -> RS232
"1" RS232 -> RS485
According RTS 2 - 3 1 - 2 2 "0" RS232 -> RS485
"1" RS485 -> RS232
AUTO - 2 - 3

Setting switches on PCB:

By "AUTO" setting the converter automatically switch direction of transmission from RS232->RS485 to RS485->RS232 after cca 0,3ms (possibly to change on demand).

Connection of converter