ELSYS, Ltd. company was established in 1992 focused on production of plastic housing system-set of boxes designed as a shell for electrotechnical and electronic products with 35 mm rail mounting and production of electronic products. Our activities are the same at present. Headquartes is in European Union,city Zlin, Czech Republic.


  • modular housing system for 35 mm rail mounting (boxes EL). Made from self-quenching, safety plastic. Include terminal boxes.
  • solar regulator for warm air heating and solar collectors
  • water leakage sensors
  • capacity sensors for level control with Power supply and Output unit (also Ex version)
  • manufacture of cables by heat shrink tubing and shape memory parts (INSULTITEŽ) also usage shielded and multicore branch cables, piece-work and also serial production usage for industrial applications, automotive, military and aerospace industry
  • converter RS232 485
  • time relay